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About us

PISTON MEDICAL LTD(PML) is a Ugandan Pharmaceutical manufacturing company specialized in producing and distributing Parenteral medicines for the African region. 

The leadership has a good understanding of  market needs and has vast experience in quality and compliance in WHO GMP standards, which gives confidence in products we intend to produce.

Parenteral medicines  play a major role in meeting public healthcare needs in Africa, especially in critical care, where majority of patients present themselves to healthcare providers/centers when already in critical conditions.

Such conditions require medicines that can bring about quick relief,  with some of the objectives as restoring optimal hydration, electrolyte balance, quick delivery system to curb infection etc., in order to improve the quality of life.

The company has therefore, positioned itself as a key manufacturer and supplier of CRITICAL CARE products in the region.


Why we started

The healthcare system in Africa has many challenges, PML came into existence to address some of the challenges as mentioned below;

  1. Stock-outs:  We will bring fresh relief from continuous stock-outs due to limited local production capacity of the essential medicines. 
  2. Customer value: We will provide much better value to our customers beyond direct cost of goods such as longer storage periods post manufacturing, which gives customer flexibility to receive in real time of need, direct delivery at user points as desired by customer, zero demurrage and import costs etc.
  3. Long term Supply Security:  Even with pandemics and political uphills during elections in countries we rely on to import medicines, local operations and therefore medical supplies will not be affected.
  4. Affordability:  We provide better prices which increases affordability and therefore access to quality medicines 

The Future

The company is setting up a large scale, start of the art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility whose design and systems can meet international Current Good manufacturing practice (cGMP)guidelines. Our plan is to produce both Large Volume Parenterals (LVPs) and Small Volume Parenterals (SVPs) in the First Phase with annual capacity of 29 million bottles and 18 million bottles, respectively.  The plant will operate 24 hours a day to maximize capacity utilization and shorten period for return on Investment. The second Phase will commence 2-3years after full utilization of initial phase.



PML will manufacture and Distribute high-quality IV Fluids and parenteral drugs in the Ugandan market and export to other African countries in the region.

Large Volume Parenteral Line: Our manufacturing plant is equipped with Injection Stretch Blow Molding(ISBM), caping and Sealing. The basic concept of this technology is that a container is formed, filled, and sealed without human intervention. The bottle caps are double ported to provide dual access to fluid without pricking the bottle and therefore preserving the sterility of the product.

Small Volume Parenteral Line: Our manufacturing plant is equipped with Vial washing, depyrogenation sterilizing tunnel and vial filling, stoppering and sealing machine.

Our quality system and Microbiology is well equipped with robust technology with highly sophisticated instrument like HPLC and BET technology


IV Fluids manufacturer

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